About Us Kit
AdrenaLinn Kit
Another Day Kit
Black Dust Kit
Blue Paris Kit
Brixton Kit
Broken Circuit Kit
Cartridge Kit
Casiohm Kit
Cinch Kit
Circuit Halo Claps Kit
Circuit Halo ClosedHH Kit 1
Circuit Halo ClosedHH Kit 2
Circuit Halo Cymbals Kit
Circuit Halo Glitch Kit
Circuit Halo Kicks Kit 1
Circuit Halo Kicks Kit 2
Circuit Halo OpenHH Kit 1
Circuit Halo OpenHH Kit 2
Circuit Halo Percussions Kit 1
Circuit Halo Percussions Kit 2
Circuit Halo Percussions Kit 3
Circuit Halo SFX Kit
Circuit Halo Shakers Kit
Circuit Halo Snares Kit 1
Circuit Halo Snares Kit 2
Circuit Halo Sweeps and Swells Kit
Circuit Halo Toms Kit 1
Circuit Halo Toms Kit 2
Crystal Tales Kit
Die Eks Kit
Edge Drum Kit
eMS Kit
Epitome Kit
Falke Kit
FM Washed Kit
Formant Kit
Grain Station Kit
Hiro Kit
Intermission Kit
Lolify Kit
MJ Kit
ModO8 Kit
Molecularis Kit
Neubau Kit
Nordico Kit
Pit Kit
PulseMorph Kit
Roadburn Kit
Royal Tropical Kit
Spines Kit
Stalled Train
Still Life Kit
The Wall Kit
Third Eye Kit
Three Past Three Kit
Time Maschine Kit
Turq Noise Kit
Uebercomp Kit.nkbt
Vanishing Point Kit
Vice Versa Kit
Warsaw Kit
White Room Kit
Xenon Kit

General Settings

Midi Channel : 10
Starting Pitch : C1

The files available here are text files contained within zip file (.zip) only.

The installation files for the applications such as Cubase, Studio One, Kontakt, Battery 4 and the expansion set themselves are not included.

By purchasing and downloading the product, you accept all the terms applicable with the product.

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