Drum Map for Decoded Forms

1973 Kit
Alice Kit
All Origins Kit
Anodyne Kit
Assembled Kit
Baraka Kit
Cassette Kit
Chops Kit
Clan Kit
Decoded Forms ClosedHH Kit
Decoded Forms Kicks Kit
Decoded Forms OpenHH Kit
Decoded Forms Percs Kit
Decoded Forms Snares Kit
Diq Kit
Glow Drips Kit
Hybrid Chops Kit
Kalahari Kit
Kerala Kit
Last Man Kit
Luci Kit
Niagara Kit
Oxide Kit
Phase Past Kit
Phaze Kit
Proto Kit
Rei Kit
Santoku Kit
Svengali Kit
Tap It Kit
Tomo Chords Kit
Valentine Kit
Wonder Kit

Midi Channel : 10
Starting Pitch : C1

33 maps

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The files available here are drum map files (.drm) contained within zip file (.zip) only.

The installation files for the applications such as Cubase, Kontakt, Battery 4 and the expansion set themselves are not included.

By purchasing and downloading the product, you accept all the terms applicable with the product.

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