Drum Map for London Grit

Alonso Kit
Blackpool Kit
Bleeper Kit
Bouncer Kit
Bulldog Riddim Kit
Cannon Kit
Cleancut Kit
Compakt Kit
Constant Flow Kit
Deep Mud Kit
Ends Kit
Evil Gang Kit
Floating Bodies Kit
Follower Kit
Forty Kit
Hench Kit
High Rollin Kit
Horns Kit
Kompact Kit
Leng Kit
Local Chippy Kit
London Grit Claps Kit
London Grit ClosedHH Kit
London Grit Kicks Kit 1
London Grit Kicks Kit 2
London Grit OpenHH Kit
London Grit Percs Kit
London Grit SFX Kit
London Grit Snares Kit
Low Fidelity Kit
Mash Down Kit
Master Roshi Kit
My Gym Kit
Naked Kit
No Land Kit
Nokia Kit
One Grime Kit
Phoneme Kit
Pink Lazers Kit
Plopper Kit
Punksta Kit
Roll With Me Kit
Slew Kit
Specialized Kit
Trapline Bling Kit
Trouble Man Kit
What The Tek Kit
Yachts Kit

Midi Channel : 10
Starting Pitch : C1

The files available here are drum map files (.drm) contained within zip file (.zip) only.

The installation files for the applications such as Cubase, Kontakt, Battery 4 and the expansion set themselves are not included.

By purchasing and downloading the product, you accept all the terms applicable with the product.

48 maps
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