Abstrakta Kit
Astral Flutter Claps Kit
Astral Flutter ClosedHH Kit
Astral Flutter Kicks Kit
Astral Flutter OpenHH Kit
Astral Flutter Snares Kit
AT Volka Kit
AuralTrik Kit
Basement Kit
Beacons Kit
Brain Fluid Kit
Buzzcut Kit
Chlorophylliac Kit
City Lights Kit
Colonel Panic Kit
Crimson Haze Kit
Cypress Alley Kit
Don’t Need Kit
Felonius Kit
Flutter Bird Kit
Fluxion Kit
Future Retro Kit
Glitter Smurf Kit
Grammik Kit
Horizon Kit
Hydration Kit
Kickboxer Kit
Lemon Jells Kit
Loose Neck Kit
Mad Grumpy Kit
Meat Locker Kit
Medizin Kit
Mr Bleep Kit
Night Drive Kit
Ork Lean Kit
Penetrate Kit
Slumpzilla Kit
Smooker Kit
Special Skratcher Kit
Spirit Fields Kit
Three Fingers Kit
Tipsy Jawa Kit
Tschuri Kit
Unkept Kit
Vertex Kit
Vinylistic Kit
Wax Doctor Kit
Waxing Kit
Wheelz Of Steel Kit
Wrong Direction Kit
Wrong DirectionSFX Kit

General Settings

Starting Pitch : C1

The files available here are text files contained within zip file (.zip) only.

The installation files for the applications such as Cubase, Studio One, Kontakt, Battery 4 and the expansion set themselves are not included.

By purchasing and downloading the product, you accept all the terms applicable with the product.

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