Apostol Kit
Atona Kit
Bender Kit
Bubble Kit
Clipper Kit
Dego Kit
Desko Kit
Elden Kit
Emu Kit
Exit Kit
Explain Kit
Forte Rose Kit
Generis Kit
Gerlind Kit
Giggels Kit
Heardit Kit
Infinite Escape ClosedHH Kit
Infinite Escape Kicks Kit
Infinite Escape OpenHH Kit
Infinite Escape Perc Kit
Infinite Escape Snares Kit
Kosma Kit
Later Kit
Magic Perc Kit
Magic Vox Kit
Matu Kit
Modul Kit
Odessa Kit
Oru Kit
Pankow Kit
Patak Kit
Pillow Kit
Prime Kit
Process Kit
Punta Kit
Ragan Kit
Resonate Kit
Silk Kit
Sorcha Kit
Sunday Kit
Taira Kit
Trinoh Kit
Ultra Kit
Voiz Kit
Volga Kit

General Settings

Starting Pitch : C1

The files available here are text files contained within zip file (.zip) only.

The installation files for the applications such as Cubase, Studio One, Kontakt, Battery 4 and the expansion set themselves are not included.

By purchasing and downloading the product, you accept all the terms applicable with the product.

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