Symbol Label Suit


For Symbol Label Suit 21 version 1.04 and higher ; This suit comprises 3 files, Symbol Label, Symbol Legend and Model View Options object (IFSL21_mvo.gsm)

For older versions ; This suit comprises 2 files, Symbol Label and Symbol Legend.

The Symbol Label is a label that extracts content from an associated object (Wall, Slab, etc.) and, if enabled, creates log files (simple .txt files) that can be read by Symbol Legend to automatically create table of legend.

After loading all files to the library, you can access Symbol Label via the Label Tool, Symbol Legend via the Object Tool and Model View Options object via “Document > Model View > Model View Options” menu.

  • General/Symbol Settings, Indigo Figs Symbol Label 22, for ArchiCad 22

For : ArchiCad 22, 21, 20, 19

Types : Label, Object

Price : Free

Features & Tips

How to : Reset and Rewrite Log File


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for ArchiCad 22

for ArchiCad 21

 for ArchiCad 20

 for ArchiCad 19

Features Added :

(17 Apr. 2018)

For Symbol Label Suit 21

  • Model View Options added to allow users to globally control log file’s path in one place.
  • Adding one more log file’s path for Indigo Figs Zone Stamp. This feature is available for zone-aware elements only (Wall, Column, Morph, …).
  • For door/window, “Relate Zone to” option is added to allow users to choose which zone that door/window is belonged to, based on its opening direction.

(23 Jan. 2018)

  • For Building Material and Building Material ID of Composites/Complex Profile elements, user can select which skin to be displayed (other than the previous “Inside/Outside” choices.) (Available for Symbol Label Suit 21)
  • Error checking is improved. In case of transferring parameters from different element types or different settings, if the target element does not have the same parameter as the transferring element, the “-” will be displayed. If this occurs, just open the target label (Ctrl +T) and select appropriate content to display. (Available for Symbol Label Suit 21)

(9 Dec. 2017)

  • It is now possible to save symbol settings as favorites for various element types (Wall, Column, Slab, Door, etc.)
  • The options for independent label are the ones with “*” prefix, for example, “*Surface ID (Manual Select)”.

(6 Dec. 2017)

  • In case of Complex-profile Wall/Beam that is not cut by “Floor Plan Cut Plane”,  2 options, “Building Material (Manual Select)” and “Building Material ID (Manual Select)”, are added. (Available for Symbol Label Suit 21)
  • For Symbol Legend, file path detection is added. This forbids log file path 2 to use the same path as log file path 1.

Bugs Fixed :

(23 May 2019)

  • For Symbol Label Suit 22 version 1.00,  “Uniform Text” font option in Symbol Legend object doesn’t show font lists. Fixed


  • “\n” and “\t” in either “Symbol Content” or “Full Name Content” create error while writing database (logfile.txt). Fixed
  • Rectangular box appears when pointer (POINTER tab) and frame (TEXT STYLE tab ) are enabled. Fixed (not available for Symbol Label Suit 19)
  • Text’s orientation is not correct (Always Horizontal, Always Readable) when Rotation Angle (SYMBOL LABEL tab) is used. Fixed

7 Replies to “Symbol Label Suit”

  1. First of all, great work!
    In Brazil we use the same symbols for wall finishes, and this is a great tool.
    Just out of curiosity, what is the standard for Thai Zone Stamps? In Brazil we are used to indicate this same geometric symbols under the name of the zone, showing every finish of the room. Is it the same in Thai? What zone stamp do you use?

    1. Thank you. Glad you like it.
      Regarding the zone stamp, it’s quite similar. We usually have finishing (Floor, Ceiling) along with finished floor / structural floor elevation level right under the zone’s name/number.
      Talking about zone stamp, I’ve been asked quite often if I could create a zone stamp that can acquire all these info and put them into a zone stamp. Unfortunately, no, not with the current gdl standard.
      I’d love to do it though.

  2. Do you have a label that just calls out the individual building materials of a composite or complex profile? So the user can select just one of them, not all?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Just got back from the holidays.
      Currently, no, I don’t have one. But it’s a very good idea and I’ll definitely look into it.

  3. Hello again! Your symbol label is being very helpful here in the office!
    I saw you updated it, do you have plans for updating the Archicad 20 version?


    1. Unfortunately, the parameters/request options needed for the update is newly introduced in ArchiCad 21 and not available for ArchiCad 20. Sorry about that.

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