Slanted / Double Slanted Wall and Surfaces

: ArchiCad 21, 20 WALL_MAT_A  / WALL_MAT_B works fine when the wall’s cross section is rectangular (WALL_CROSSSECTION_TYPE = 1). But when it comes to Slanted /Double Slanted Wall (WALL_CROSSSECTION_TYPE = 2 or WALL_CROSSSECTION_TYPE = 3), the information from WALL_MAT_A and WALL_MAT_B is swapped.

Labeling Building materials and Surfaces for Complex profile wall

: ArchiCad 20 This is just something I found out while playing with ArchiCad and I think it could be useful for someone else. Building materials Labeling “Building materials” needs appropriate Cut Plane height (Document > Floor Plane Cut Plane Settings > Cut Plane height to Current Story). The Complex profile wall needs to be …