Zone Stamp


Indigo Figs Zone Stamp is a cell-based zone stamp whose size and location for each cell can be adjusted.

Key Features

  • 3 Customize-able Scale Sensitive options
  • Flexible Size/Location
  • Reference Level options and Marker options for Elevation data (Floor Elevation / Ceiling Elevation)
  • Custom Text with Symbol options
  • Custom Unit Formats / Styles
  • Scale Sensitive Text Styles
  • Model View Options

For : ArchiCad 22, 21

Type : Zone Stamp

Price : Free

Quick Start Guide


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for ArchiCad 22

for ArchiCad 21


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Bug Fixed ;

(20 Sep. 2018)

  1. “Use MVO’s Settings” always look for log file. Fixed
  2. “Font Size” values are not working when “Scale Sensitive” is activated in Model View Options. Fixed

Update ;

(11 Jul. 2018) An internal update for archive projects.

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