Zone Stamp


Indigo Figs Zone Stamp is a cell-based zone stamp whose size and location for each cell can be adjusted.



Zone Stamp 24 v.1.01

Zone Stamp 23 v.1.00

Zone Stamp 22 v.2.02


  • 3 Customize-able Scale Sensitive options
  • Flexible Size/Location
  • Reference Level options and Marker options for Elevation data (Floor Elevation / Ceiling Elevation)
  • Custom Text with Symbol options
  • Custom Unit Formats / Styles
  • Scale Sensitive Text Styles
  • Model View Options

Type : Zone Stamp

Price : Free

Quick Start Guide 

Model View ID

(introduced in Indigo Figs Zone Stamp 22 version 2.00)

Model View ID affects cell’s position/size for any active Model View Combination. Model View Combinations with the same Model View ID share cell’s position/size. To avoid confusion, it is recommended that each Model View Combination has different Model View ID.

Nevertheless, applying the same Model View ID can be useful when the same format (number of cells, location/size) is needed. Cell’s content can still be different for each Model View Combination.

Important Notes

  • There are major changes in the core parameters since Indigo Figs Zone Stamp 22 version 2.00. No migration script is provided from version 1.00. It is recommended to start a new project with it. Using it with on-going project that contains the previous version of Zone Stamp requires user to recreate/redefine all existing Zone Stamp instances.
  • According to Graphisoft GDL Standards, there is no migration available for Model View Options/Combinations. When upgrading to the newer version of ArchiCad, user will need to recreate/redefine all the settings for Model View Combinations again, if used.


(8 Sep. 2020)  For Indigo Figs Zone Stamp 24 v.1.01

  • Add display options for units of property types (String, Integer, Length, …). read more
  • Add option to show Zone Size (Room Size) controlled by hotspots. read more

For Indigo Figs Zone Stamp 22 v.2.01

  • Added option for user to set cell’s width/height and number of cells. These settings are scale sensitive. When using with MVO., the values affect only the active Model View Combination after click “Reset to Initial Settings” on the “Content Settings (1)” tab.

For Indigo Figs Zone Stamp 22 v.2.00

  • Four presets (including Initial Settings)
  • Uniform Text Settings (Font, Size, Alignment, …) apply selected options to all Text’s settings for specific style (T1, T2, T3) through all scale sensitivities.
  • “Model View ID” makes it possible for Zone Stamp to have different cell’s location/size for each Model View Combination. read more


  • The number of cells are now fully support MVO., which makes the zone stamp display more consistently when switch back from using MVO.


  • All contents (Zone Parameters, Custom Text, Properties, …) are now merged in one list. There is no need to switch between tabs to select different contents. “Elevations”, “Category”, “Category Code” and “Zone ID” were moved into the new “Extended Parameter” section.
  • Cell’s content is now scale sensitive. Each cell can show different contents for each scale.
  • Works better with rotated view. Zone Stamp, Text and Pointer are automatically rotated according to view rotating angle (with “Angle Fixed to Model” option selected in “Zone Stamp” tab in “Zone Selection Settings”).
  • Newly “Show” cell will be placed at the bottom left of the Zone Stamp.
  • Total number of cells are now 20
  • Pointer’s anchor is automatically adjusted when anchor’s angle is changed.

(12 Aug. 2019)

  • Custom Unit doesn’t display correctly when using MVO. Fixed


  • Table Frame’s pen doesn’t use the correct pen when “Draw Table Frame” option is disabled. Fixed

Logs (for version 1.0x)

(11 Jul. 2018) An internal update for archive projects.

(20 Sep. 2018)

  • “Use MVO’s Settings” always look for log file. Fixed
  • “Font Size” values are not working when “Scale Sensitive” is activated in Model View Options. Fixed