Unlike label, zone stamp (even though it is a kind of label for zone) can be scheduled. Therefore, we can create an interactive schedule to control specific aspect to it. In this case, it is MVO.

Using interactive schedule may takes more time to update than selecting all zones (for each story) and enable/disable MVO one by one. But for high-rises project, it could be a lot faster (with a lot less clicking).

Create a new schedule (Document > Schedules >Scheme Settings). Click Next and give ID and Name as required.

Indigo Figs Zone Stamp Schedule 01

Under the Criteria tab, change “All Types” to “Zone”.

Under the Fields tab, click the downward arrow next to Add Fields > Library Part Parameters, and navigate to Indigo Figs Zone Stamp (.gsm).

Indigo Figs Zone Stamp Schedule 02

Search for “bMVO” and add the parameters.

Tip : Click on any parameter under Available Parameters and start typing “bMVO” instead of scrolling down.

Indigo Figs Zone Stamp Schedule 03

Click “OK” to create the schedule. After you open the newly created schedule,  all the zone are listed.

Enable “Merge Uniform Items” and adjust column’s width accordingly.

Indigo Figs Zone Stamp Schedule 04


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