Introduced in Indigo Figs Symbol Label Suit 24 v.1.01

Instead of just using  “No. of Characters”, we can now use “Identifier” to separate “Symbol Text” and “Full Name Text”.

For example, if we have an “Option Set” type of property, let’s say … for wash basin ;

  • BAS-01 – Nahm SVW2320605XN01, White
  • BAS-02 – Villeroy and Boch Architectura
  • BAS-03 – Vitra S50
  • BAS-04 – HAFELE 495.60.965, White

"Option Set", property type for basin

After apply this property to a basin object, one can easily assume that the identifier should be “-“. But, if we do that, we will ended up with a Symbol Text of “BAS-01 ” (with one space after) and a Full Name Text of ” Nahm SVW2320605XN01, White” (with one space before).

So, the appropriate identifier should be ” – ” (<space bar>”-“<space bar>).

Using Proper Identifier.

If the identifier is not found within the content, “<Invalid Identifier>” will be shown as the Symbol Text. For example, if “/” (which does not exist in the value of the Option Set selected) is used as identifier.

Invalid Identifier


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