Truncate Method – “Identifier”

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Introduced in Indigo Figs Symbol Label Suit 24 v.1.01

Instead of just using¬† “No. of Characters”, we can now use “Identifier” to separate “Symbol Text” and “Full Name Text”.

For example, if we have an “Option Set” type of property, let’s say … for wash basin ;

  • BAS-01 – Nahm SVW2320605XN01, White
  • BAS-02 – Villeroy and Boch Architectura
  • BAS-03 – Vitra S50
  • BAS-04 – HAFELE 495.60.965, White

After apply this property to a basin object, one can easily assume that the identifier should be “-“. But, if we do that, we will ended up with a Symbol Text of “BAS-01 ” (with one space after) and a Full Name Text of ” Nahm SVW2320605XN01, White” (with one space before).

So, the appropriate identifier should be ” – ” (<space bar>”-“<space bar>).

If the identifier is not found within the content, “<Invalid Identifier>” will be shown as the Symbol Text. For example, if “/” (which does not exist in the value of the Option Set selected) is used as identifier.